These are a few of my favorite things!

I turn 24 next Saturday y’all!!! I’m officially in my mid-20s! In light of that, I would love to share with you 24 of my favorite things in the world. From books and podcasts to make-up and jeans, these are the 24 things that make me, me! (Obviously, this post is not sponsored by any means, which I feel like goes without saying lol) 

  1. The Bachelor franchise 

I don’t care what anyone has to say about the bachelor, I love it. Sure it’s trash tv, but this trash TV has given me many nights filled with wine and laughter with my best friends. Along with hours of conversations with everyone from my boss to my boyfriend’s mother. This show brings people together on and off the screen. Plus it doesn’t suck to look at super hot people for two hours every Monday! 

2. Yoga 

Last year I got my yoga teacher license and it was truly one of the best things I have ever done for me. Yoga is probably my greatest passion in life, besides blogging, because of its restorative power, both physically and mentally. I struggle with anxiety daily and yoga helps me to process through those emotions while strengthening my body.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio 

No explanation needed 

4. Sodastream 

Last Christmas my boyfriend got me a SodaStream because I love sparkling water. But did you know that this thing can make pretty much every kind of soda? I guess you could infer that from the name, but you can also make mixed drinks to people! Throw some Titos and water together, mix it up and you’ve got yourself a vodka soda better than any bar can make.

5. Glossier

 Glossier is a cosmetic company that simplifies make-up for those of us who have no idea what we are doing. I own five of their products and that’s about it for my entire makeup collection. Its natural, high quality, simple and in my humble opinion, I think it makes me look pretty damn good.

6. “Again, but better” 

This is one of my favorite books I have read this year. I’m a sucker for cheesy romance novels that were probably written for teenagers. This particular one is about a girl who studies abroad. Since I studied abroad too it was fun to compare this fictional character’s experiences to my own. This book also has an awesome twist in it I did not see coming. 

7. Tacos 

Meat, tortillas, cheese, what more could you want in life? 

8. Outlander 

Outlander is an HBO series starring Caitriona Balfe and Sam Hughan, aka the best TV couple since Jim and Pam. This show has time travel, romance, politics, history, and truly something for everyone. They just put the first couple of seasons on Netflix. PLEASE go watch now. 

9. Jimmy G  

San Francisco 49ers quarterback – This one needs no explanation either. 

10. Little Women (the movie) 

This book is a classic and has always been one of my favorites. The journey of the March sisters is so relatable for young girls. Greta Gerwig brings this store to the big screen so beautifully. The cast in this is amazing! Soairse Ronan is a genius and up-and-coming actress Florence Pugh is my new girl crush. 

11. “My Oxford Year: A Novel” 

Another cheesy romantic novel. This one is yet again about a girl that studies abroad. Her year studying at Oxford takes a turn when she meets her sexy professor. I think this book is so great because of the subtle British humor. But the love story is captivating too! 

12. The Office Ladies Podcast 

Like most Americans, I love The Office. I have seen it about 6 times all the way through and it’s still so funny. Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin) and Jenna Fisher (Pam Beasly) now have a podcast that deep dives into all of the episodes. They give us the inside scoop that only two people that were during filming would know. I love hearing which lines were improvised by Steve Caroll and little background tidbits you’d otherwise miss. These ladies are so sweet. I just love hearing their silly banter. 

13. Turtles 

I literally cry watching videos of turtles. Once in Hawaii, I saw one while I was snorkeling and I ‘happy cried’ for two hours afterward. They are just so cute! 

14. My KitchenAid mixer

If you are into cooking or baking at all and you do not have a KitchenAid you are seriously missing out. Here are some unexpected things you can do with the kitchen aid: Make cauliflower rice, coleslaw, baby food, shred meat, knead pizza dough, this list goes on. It is my absolute favorite kitchen appliance. 

15. Skiing 

 I grew up in Colorado and have been skiing since I was two. It is one of the best bonding experiences amongst friends and is a great way to get outdoors in the winter.

16. Asian food 

I am half Filipino so naturally, I LOVE all Asian food. Especially Sushi. 

17. Downton Abbey 

History, romance, betrayal, class differences, Downton Abbey is the most amazing period show I have ever seen. 

18. Instapots 

My second favorite kitchen appliance is my instapot. The instapot basically does everything that a crockpot would do but in a quarter of the time. Using high pressure and heat to cook, this tool can slow roast beef in 30 minutes and cook frozen chicken in 10 minutes. 

19. “The Husband’s Secret” 

From the same author as “Big Little Lies”, The Husband’s Secret is even more intriguing and fabulous! Like Big Little Lies, this Novel is a mystery about the secrets the ones we love hid from us. It usually takes me about a month to get through a novel but I cruised through this book in under 24 hours. 

20. Harry Potter 

 Yet another one I do not think I need to explain. 

21. Madewell Jeans 

In my opinion, Madewell has the best quality of jeans. But the best thing about Madewell jeans is their curvy sizes, which give you extra fabric in the crotch area. For those of us with a little more junk in our truck, I find this so much more comfortable than regular high waisted jeans because you have more room to breathe. I also love the retro styles they have. I am very over skinny jeans.

22. My Favorite Murder the podcast 

I love true crime and comedy, making My Favorite Murder the perfect podcast for me. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark host this podcast focused on murder cased and other true crimes, but they put a hilarious twist on this genera. This makes the dark topics they cover so much more enjoyable 

23. My dog 

Alghero is an Italian Greyhound and Border Collie mix. He is the sweetest dog in the world. I have never met a dog that has more personality than him. I’m not sure I could love a human baby more than I love this dog. 

24. Wine 


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