A New Series: Finding your Dream Job

Over the past few weeks the country, and world, is struggling with a high amount of layoffs. While this is a horrible time to be laid off due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation, this is also an opportunity to reevaluate your career path. 

When I have ventured into the scary world of job searching in the past, one of the biggest challenges I had was understanding the kind of jobs that are out there. I always hear of these people with really cool jobs and I think two things. 1) How did they know that job was out there and 2) how did they get that job. I have seen so many podcasts and books that try to inspire up and coming professionals with their stories of corporate ladder climbing. But frankly most of these interviews piss me off because there is one common theme – basically the subject was thrown into it because they knew the right people. For example, Mindy Kalling was discovered because Greg Daniels came to a show she wrote and was impressed. Soon after attending that show he offered her a job on the office. I’m not saying Mindy didn’t work her butt off to get where she is, but if Greg Daniels wouldn’t have gone to see that off broadway play Mindy wrote, the would would have ever seen that girls amazing talents. 

I understand this is how the world works, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t get my current job through some nepotism. But the problem is, for the most part, this is a process that is not easily emulated. And it takes a degree of networking, self promotion and luck that most people do not possess.

So I decide to start a series on this blog highlighting some of the amazing jobs out there. But more importantly the tangible steps it takes to get there. Meaning well look at the experience you need, the people you must network with and the skills you need to thrive in your dream position. 

Since those in the healthcare system are the true heroes of the current epidemic, I thought it would be appropriate to the “find your dream job” series  by examining a friend who works in marketing for the healthcare system. All participants will stay anonymous for their privacy, so we will call my friend, Rebecca for the purpose of this blog.

Rebecca is a part of the Commercial Leadership Program for GE Health. Rebecca was drawn to this job for career opportunities presented in this role. It was important to her to have a company culture that supported its employees as they progress in their careers. GE proved to be a place that valued its employees success and offered a great company culture that best suited Rebecca. According to her the culture at GE Healthcare consists of kindhearted people that are strong-willed when it comes to completing the task at hand.

The Commercial leadership Program brings together 14 recent college grads for a two-year developmental program in sales and marketing for GE healthcare. The goal of the program is to develop leadership and critical thinking skills. While the team aspect equits employees with a solid support system, the position challenges its holder to take initiative of their own projects. Rebecca said, “ I am used to structure and guidance from being in school my entire life.  Now that I am working, I have to create my own structure of how my weeks are scheduled and how I tackle projects.” I think this is a huge challenge/ adjustment for many recent grads.

Sounds like a job for you so far? According to Rebecca, the best candidates for this job work well with a team, but are a self starter. They are passionate about the GE’s mission, and providing top notch client care in general. Successful CLP candidates have tenacity, are quick learners and, like Rebecca, have a BA in Marketing or Business. 

If you are interested in a similar position, Rebecca offers the following advice,  “ connect with people personally if you are searching for jobs rather than submitting your resume into a huge pool of applicants on an online job searching site.  I contacted people directly on LinkedIn to help me get into contact with the right person who was hiring for this position.

While GE is not hiring for Rebecca’s exact position, they are currently hiring! Check out their job postings here! 

If you are willing to share about your awesome job and steps it took to get where you are, please email me at meghan.bille@gmail.com

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