#BlackLivesMatter: A Resource Roundup

Happy Monday all. If you’re anything like me, your head is spinning right now at everything going on in our country. Admittedly, I haven’t been super comfortable talking about it, because I want to make sure that when I do, I use the right words. I want to make sure that I am an ally to the people who need me to be, and not speaking to anyone’s experience that I have not shared. Instead of making any kind of statement about current events, I wanted to share with you all resources that I have been using to educate myself, so that when I do choose to speak up fully, I do so properly. I hope that everyone is taking time to educate themselves, and finding ways to get involved. 

Here’s some resources I wanted to highlight. This is not by any means an exhaustive list; this is a starting point. I encourage people who are reading this who have found other resources to send them along, and I am happy to add them in later on. 

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