A New Series: Finding your Dream Job

Over the past few weeks the country, and world, is struggling with a high amount of layoffs. While this is a horrible time to be laid off due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation, this is also an opportunity to reevaluate your career path.  When I have ventured into the scary world of jobContinue reading “A New Series: Finding your Dream Job”

What I made this week- Week of March 30th – AKA week 3 of Coronavirus quarantine

  This week I decided to get a bit fancy with my meals. My boyfriends and I went to the grocery store when all this coronavirus craziness began and there was NOTHING, not even bread. So for the first two weeks of quarantines we were living off of frozen pizza and mac and cheese. ButContinue reading “What I made this week- Week of March 30th – AKA week 3 of Coronavirus quarantine”

Mastering the art of basic cooking

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing. I would like to take a break from all the Coronavirus talk and write about one of my favorite hobbies: Cooking! If you’re reading this thinking, “I hate cooking,” there is NO BETTER time than now to master this super easy craft. HereContinue reading “Mastering the art of basic cooking”

Mother Knows Best

On the heels of Bachelor Peter’s announcement that he WILL NOT be pursuing a relationship with Madison I would like to continue my rant on The Bachelor’s two night season finale. Let’s talk about Barb: the overbearing, emotional mother America hates right now. Barb spent a good portion of Tuesday night’s episode roasting Peter (herContinue reading “Mother Knows Best”

Why I don’t believe “love can conquer all”

Last night in Part 1 of the season finale of the bachelor, front-runner Madison Prewett left the show after a dramatic back-and-forth with bachelor, Peter Weber. The couple was fighting about the fact that Weber had slept with the other two women left on the show, as this went against Prewett’s religious beliefs. Weber wasContinue reading “Why I don’t believe “love can conquer all””

Overcoming the Imposture Syndrome

The first time I ever (legally) bought alcohol was a week after I got home from studying abroad in Italy. In Italy, 12-year-olds can drink fairly openly, so presenting an ID was never a problem. But coming back to America was a different story. After I had spent 30 minutes picking out champagne at aContinue reading “Overcoming the Imposture Syndrome”

Money, money, money must be funny, in a rich man’s world

Coming out of college I was offered a job with a starting salary of $75,000 dollars. That’s more money than a lot of people 10+ years into their career make. I was living large! But when that job got in the way of my mental health and I was far from doing something I liked,Continue reading “Money, money, money must be funny, in a rich man’s world”