Making the best of your “quarantime”

There’s no need to point out the obvious; what we are going through as a collective society the last couple weeks is unprecedented. I don’t want to rehash the details, because frankly, the more people talk about it, the more anxious I become. Given my predisposition to anxiety (aka generalized anxiety disorder) and the worldContinue reading “Making the best of your “quarantime””

Sex, Religion, and The Bachelor

Attending Catholic school as a young child makes my first memories of learning about sex, well….awkward. To this day, I will always remember our seventh grade religion teacher, who was a very old and slightly obease nun, and how she chose to teach our sex lesson. Each student was given a certain scenario that weContinue reading “Sex, Religion, and The Bachelor”

All the single shaming, all the single shaming (now put your hands up!)

“Got any plans tonight?” coworkers asked on Friday (which, in case you were not aware, was Valentine’s Day), with raised eyebrows. I shyly responded no, that I would be heading up to the mountains with my parents, and had to face their looks of apparent disappointment.  “Single shaming” is a real phenomenon for those ofContinue reading “All the single shaming, all the single shaming (now put your hands up!)”

Why I listen to (and ignore) my self talk

Throughout the course of a day or a week, we assume many different roles. During the day, I am an advocate (my job), but when I leave, I take on the role of avid yogi, friend, daughter, sister, committee member, and more. I don’t always notice when I switch from role to role, but thereContinue reading “Why I listen to (and ignore) my self talk”