Love and Other Drugs

No, we will not be talking about drugs, but they do say love is the most power drug out there. We don’t consider ourself love experts but we can try to navigate through this together.

We are gather here today to share our take on love, relationships and finding ‘the one’ in your early adult life.

Sex, Religion and The Bachelor

“Attending Catholic school as a young child makes my first memories of learning about sex, well….awkward. To this day, I will always remember our seventh grade religion teacher, who was a very old and slightly obese nun, and how she chose to teach our sex lesson…..”

Why I don’t believe “love can conquer all”

“Last night in Part 1 of the season finale of the bachelor, front-runner Madison Prewett left the show after a dramatic back-and-forth with bachelor, Peter Weber. The couple was fighting about the fact that Weber had slept with the other two women left on the show, as this went against Prewett’s religious beliefs. Weber was practically begging Prewett not to leave because it was apparent she was the girl he planned to propose to at the end. In Weber’s pleas, he kept bringing up a phrase that honestly irks me so much; Love can conquer all……”

All the single shaming, all the single shaming (now put your hands up!)

“Got any plans tonight?” coworkers asked on Friday (which, in case you were not aware, was Valentine’s Day), with raised eyebrows. I shyly responded no, that I would be heading up to the mountains with my parents, and had to face their looks of apparent disappointment.”

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