Recipes and Kitchen Tricks

A series to help you impress your friends with your cooking skills on an entry level salary.

Hi All! I am so excited to start this new series highlighting simple and cheap meals you can recreate in your own kitchen. Cooking is my passion, but this series isn’t focused on making food network quality meals. Rather, I’d like to help those of you who are looking to impress with your cooking skills without breaking the bank or taking up too much time.

What I made this week- March 30th AKA week 3 of Coronavirus quarantine 

“This week I decided to get a bit fancy with my meals. My boyfriends and I went to the grocery store when all this coronavirus craziness began and there was NOTHING, not even bread, at the store. So for the first two weeks of quarantines we were living off of frozen pizza and mac and cheese. But this week the grocery stores were beginning to replenish and I could finally find some quality ingredients. Because of this and the fact I’m not working I had all day to craft some tasty meals…”

Mastering the art of basic cooking

“Hello everyone. I hope everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing. I would like to take a break from all the Coronavirus talk and write about one of my favorite hobbies: Cooking! If you’re reading this thinking, “I hate cooking,” there is NO BETTER time than now to master this super easy craft. Here are my top quick cooking tips and some super easy recipes that will make you look like a regular Julia Child…..”

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