While this is not a blog rooted in religion, spirituality can be a tool to help navigate the parts of life that don’t always make sense.

What Spirituality Means to Me

“When asked to describe my life during my schooling years in one word, I would probably say “sheltered”. As many of you may know, or may have picked up on by reading my posts, I am a practicing Catholic, and have attended Catholic schools my whole life. Naturally, many friends and colleagues of mine were also Catholic, giving me a nice little bubble around myself, allowing me to always feel comfortable talking about my faith. Not until I entered the “real world” (aka working full time with strangers) did I realize how odd my experience had been….. “

Sex, Religion, and The Bachelor

“Attending Catholic school as a young child makes my first memories of learning about sex, well….awkward. To this day, I will always remember our seventh grade religion teacher, who was a very old and slightly obese nun, and how she chose to teach our sex lesson…..”

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