TEA= Transitioning early adults. The adulting blog that doesn’t pretend to know the answers, but is trying to find them.


Happy Friday ya’ll. Today I want to talk about my wonderful boyfriend Gianni. Gianni and I met while studying abroad in Italy and have been dating for over 3 years now. When we graduated from college we decided to move in together! We have now been living together for almost two years and it isContinue reading “Domesticated-ish”

All the single shaming, all the single shaming (now put your hands up!)

“Got any plans tonight?” coworkers asked on Friday (which, in case you were not aware, was Valentine’s Day), with raised eyebrows. I shyly responded no, that I would be heading up to the mountains with my parents, and had to face their looks of apparent disappointment.  “Single shaming” is a real phenomenon for those ofContinue reading “All the single shaming, all the single shaming (now put your hands up!)”

The Balancing Act

A couple of weeks ago, while innocently playing basketball on a cold day, something unprecedented happened; I pulled a muscle in my back. Being the hypochondriac I am, I immediately assumed the worst: lung problems, kidney failure… you know the drill. After lying down for a couple of hours and taking Tylenol, I was confrontedContinue reading “The Balancing Act”

About the Authors

About Monica: I’m 23 years old, living in the delightful Denver area, where I grew up. I’m already working my second post graduation job (millenials, am I right?) and still feel as though I am seeking my purpose. While I won’t pretend to actually know any of the answers, I will enjoy the process of trying to figure it out and share that with you all. 

About Meghan: Hi! I’m Meghan, Monica’s best friend (or at least I have self-proclaimed myself as such) I have lived in Denver, CO my whole life, Literally. I went to the University of Colorado Boulder SKO BUFFS and since graduating from there have been trying to figure out life as an adult. In my 1.5 years of living in the adult world, I haven’t learned much, but I have learned how to grow in times for hardship and I hope to share some of that advice with you!  

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